• Discuss organisational culture in a health care organisation



You are a graduate registered nurse and are asked to cover the patient load for Registered Nurse X whilst she is on a meal break. You observe Patient B has intravenous fluids ordered and running at 125mls/hr with Dextrose Saline. You recognise immediately that the intravenous fluid order is for Normal Saline 125ml/hr.

You cease the fluids and immediately advise Registered Nurse X what has happed and an incident report is required – but she states ‘that isn’t necessary, the fluid was only running for 10 minutes.’

You believe an incident report should be completed in response to this error but are not confident to escalate the issue to the supervising nurse as you don’t want to cause trouble with the more experienced and senior Registered Nurse X.

Task 1

• Explain how relevant medication safety standards apply to this scenario. Your responses should be based upon the Australian Commission on NSQSH Standards and the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM).

Task 2

• Discuss organisational culture in a health care organisation and explore factors that would contribute to a positive organisational culture.

Task 3

• The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) declares ‘all registered health practitioners have a professional and ethical obligation to protect and promote public health and safe healthcare.’ As such, it is the responsibility of practitioners to make notification of any competency concerns. As a graduate registered nurse, your responsibility is to familiarise yourself with mandatory reporting responsibilities.

• Should Registered Nurse X need to have a notification made to AHPRA in regards to this incident? Your response should explore what is meant by mandatory reporting, notifiable conduct and reasonable belief in relation to the registered nurse. Your responses should be based upon guidelines and legislative requirements as well as current journals for Australian health care practitioners.

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