15 to 25-line exchange between two historical actors

Assignment: In this week’s micropaper, you will choose only one of the following conversation prompts and script a 15 to 25-line exchange between two historical actors. Use the primary sources as inspiration and cite page numbers accordingly but do not quote directly from the text. Imagine a lively exchange filled with debate, disagreement, and/or expressions of solidarity and consensus. This requires you to analyze the perspective of the primary source (who wrote it, why?, what did they hope to do?) and to draw connections across historical actors and events. Be attentive to difference and similarity of opinion, however subtle. Indeed, as this is the last micropaper assignment, the point is to begin to assess how the themes we studied this quarter have evolved or transformed throughout.

Prompt 1: Place the Combahee River Collective Statement (1974) in conversation with Bahithat al-Badiya’s essay (1909). Have them discuss the question: “What is the cause of women’s oppression?”

Prompt 2: Place Nelson Mandela’s speech “I am Prepared to Die” (1964) in conversation with José Martí’s “Our America” (1891). Have them discuss the question: “How does racism manifest in society and how can it be resolved?”

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