16 short answer questions to Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

WORKSHEET FOR THE CHERRY ORCHARD. DUE DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED l. What brings together the characters in the Cherry Orchard? Where do they first assemble (see stage directions)? What do we learn about them in the First Act scene “In the Nurse 2. What kind of person is Liubov Ranevskaia? How does she relate to those around her? How is she seen described by other characters? 3. In each act Ranevskaia receives telegrams. How does she react to them? 4. To what degree, if at all, do memories define the characters of the play? What memories do they share with the others? (discuss Liubov Ranevskaia, Lopakhin, Firs, Charlotta Ivanovna) 5. In Chekhov’s play the cherry orchard means different things to different people. What does it mean to Liubov Ranevskaia, Firs, Lopakhin, Petia Trofimov, Ania, Varia? If the Cherry Orchard is a symbol, hat does it stand for? 6. Why does Lopakhin try to help Ranevskaia and Gaev to save the chemy orchard from the imminent sale? Why in the end does he buy it for himself? 7. Albeit secondary characters, Firs, Duniasha Yasha, Charlotta Ivanovna, lepikhodov are often on stage. What role(s) do they play in this drama? 8. What is Petia Trofimov’s role in the play? How does this character contribute to the unfolding of the political dimension of the drama? What other characters express hope for the happy future? Are they convincing? 9. In the Fourth Act Gaev observes that everyone “cheered up.” Is he right? What could be the reasons for the characters uplifted mood? 11. In the play, the sound of the breaking string is heard and referred to several times. We first hear it in the Second Act and it is one of the last sounds before the play ends. Why these tim What feelings does this sound evoke in the characters and us, the audience? Why this sound? 12. What ends does the pause serve in the Cherry Orchard and in other Chekhovian plays? 13. There are several characters who are often mentioned in the play yet they do not appear on stage. Who are they? How do they contribute to the development the story? 14. If you had to side with the philosophies of Lubov, Lopakhin, or Trofimov, which would it be? 

 15.Do you think this play Lubov and Gaev forliving high on the labor of serf? How might audience members of different punishes play differently? backgrounds view this 16. Which character do you think presents Chekhov’s perspective? 17. What do you think: is The Cherry Orchard a comedy or a tragedy? If you were directing the play, how would you make your choice clear? 


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