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2 discussion questions 1-2 pages, due within 24 hours.

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What are conservation and preservation? What does the author consider, “One of the central ironies of the field” of environmentalism? What do you make of this “irony.” 

Answer the question basic one the book(first file)


Activity #1:

Whose traditional territories are you currently living on? Find out through the website Native Land ( Having trouble pronouncing some of the names of communities? This is a useful guide (second file).

(Choose the place: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada)

Activity #2:
Share your rankings for the purposes of education with your Discussion Group and explain your reasoning for your first and last choices.

Activity #3:

Watch this short video about BC’s New Curriculum: on both images and verbal statements of the speakers in the video, what seems to be the purposes of learning in BCs new curriculum? What goal(s) is education designed to achieve under this new design?

How might you compare the BC curriculum as it’s presented here with the examples and theories of education we have looked at this week? 

Due within 24 hours.

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