2 question : Success Essays

1. GE Innovates from the base of the Pyramid


Most business people would agree that being an innovation can be very valuable but this case suggests that if may be useful to ” Innovate in the way one innovates, ” likes General electric has done with its ” reverse innovation” strategy. Discuss innovation and reverse innovation for large global businessess.  Address the following in your paper . What are the similarities and differences between GE’s traditional innovation and reverse innovation? why is GE so interested in reverse innovation?. what are the main concerns that prevent western MNES from aggressively investing un emerging economies? why is a leading US MNE such as GE afraid of emerging multinationals from emerging economies? include a title page 2-3 references only one reference may be from the interest (not wikipedia) the other references must be from the grantham university online library. please adhere to the publication manual of the american psychological association (APA) (6th  ed. 2nd printing) when writing and submitting assignments and paper .



Siemens need to clean up around the globe 


Can a goverment legislate morality? Maybe not but it can legislate behavior.  That legistation may not always stop bad behavior but if proerly enforced, it may violators sorry what they did and serve as an example to deter others. The FCPA was intended to stop briberry or at least stop companies that are either based or operate in the US from engaging in bribery . The law did not stop siemens from bribery but it did make the practice expensive for the firm. Address the following in your paper… What are the costs and benefits of bribery to a business? Is the FCPA unnecessarily harsh or do its provisions diapense the appropriate level of punishment ? in your view, how heavily should siemens be fined? In additional to fines, what else can be done? Are some of Siemens employees ” bad apples ” or is siemens a ” bad barrel” Include 3-4 references only one references may be frm the internet ( not wikipedia ) the other reference must be from grantham university online library. please adhere to the publication on manual of the american psychological association (APA) ( 6th ed 2nd printing) when writing and submitting assignment and papers  .


please make sure you have put assignment separate  follow direction



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