4 questions each responces should have citations directly attached to them and much have at least 150 words each

1. During the latter part of the 19th century in to the early days of the 20th century, America experienced heavy growth in industry, immigration, and urbanization. How were these three related, and what role did each play in helping advance the others.Your response should be at least 100 words, and you need to cite your sources with the appropriate APA citations. Also, provide a bibliography for the sources you use.2. What role did “machine politics” play in the development of the Middle Class in the late 19th Century? Were the political bosses behind these machines always bad? Why or why not? Your response must be at least 100 words and cited with the proper APA in-text citations where needed and please provide a bibliography of the sources you used at the bottom of your initial response.3.A student receives test scores of 50, 75, and 90. The student’s final exam score is 82 and homework score is 75. Each test is worth 15% of the final grade, the final exam is 35% of the final grade and the homework grade is 20% of the final grade. a) What is the student’s mean score in the class BEFORE the final exam? b) What is the student’s mean score in the class AFTER the final exam? c) Calculate the normal non-weighted average of the 5 grades and compare to the weighted average in part b.4. During this week, we have discussed ways to organize and display data, and how to use numerical methods to summarize a data set. Of course, the intent of such data analysis should be to present the data in a fair, unbiased way.Perhaps you have heard a statement such as the following: “98% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” Unfortunately, sometimes statistics or statistical ideas may be used to provide misleading information.This week’s discussion will require a little research. Do an Internet search for “how to lie with statistics.” In addition to many references to Darrell Huff’s classic book How to Lie with Statistics, you will find sites that explain how to use statistics to mislead your audience. Find an article that interests you and report on your findings. Provide several examples and include appropriate references.Why do you think that statistics are sometimes used to give misleading information? Discuss with your classmates.

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