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 This week we start by designing a survey. For the purposes of this class you have already chosen the National Park (from the Brown County, Indiana forums) that you would like to evaluate and have reviewed the lesson that contains an example of the visitor survey the National Parks actually use. I have used that as my model for my examples but you do not need to ask those same questions. Design your survey to measure what you want to measure about the Park. If it is visitor count that would be fine, if it is something else like the use of maintenance vehicles per Park employee, the appropriate number of campsites per acre, etc. please feel free. If the results are not available, you are welcome to make up hypothetical results for the purpose of this class. For this assignment you are to create a word document survey using the knowledge gained from the readings and lessons so far. You may find more help at https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/how-to-create-surveys/ . In reality you would use a site like Survey Monkey to create and disseminate the survey but for our purposes you will do it in Word. It should contain the basic format and questions. But you should also consider the look and appeal of the format overall. Please save that document. Please submit your survey to the students identified in the assignment below under teams. Please also submit it to the assignment tab for my comment.  (I am evaluating the survey in this assignment and the peer comments will be graded in the next assignment).

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