Analysis of the New Yorker Magazine

The New Yorker was founded on February 21, 1925 by Harold Ross and Jane Grant. It is a weekly American magazine that offers reporting and commentary on business, politics, technology, foreign affairs, arts and popular culture along with fiction, satire, essays commentary, criticism, humor, cartoons and poetry. The New Yorker is known for publishing the best writers and has received the most National Magazine Awards compared to other magazines. This has been as a result of its creative inspiration, groundbreaking reporting and authoritative analysis. The New Yorker takes its readers beyond the weekly print with the web, tablet, social media, mobile and signature events. Its audience considers it to be classic and also at the leading edge (Mehta, 15).

The New Yorker is usually published 47 times every year, with five of the magazine issues covering a period of two weeks. Even though its events listings and reviews cover the New York City’s cultural life, The New Yorker has a huge audience outside of New York City. Readers love the magazine for its illustrated and frequent topical covers, its eccentric Americana and commentaries on popular culture, its focus on modern fiction through the inclusion of literary reviews and short stories, its rigorous copyediting and fact checking, its journalism on social issues and politics, and the single-panel cartoons it displays in each issue (Lizza, 40).

In regard to its readership, the New Yorker is read globally. Notwithstanding its title, 47% of its circulation is outside the top 10 U.S. metropolitan areas. Further to that, the average age of the New Yorker Magazine readers is 47 years. In 2010, the audience of the New Yorker Magazine was estimated to be 3.61 million adults, comprising of 1.96 million men and 1.65 women (Statista, 2). To date, the New Yorker influences its readers’ opinions and provides them with intellectual pleasure (Lizza, 45).

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