Analysis Tools For Determining Solutions (Due 0ct 2, 2019 12pm EST)

1. In week four, the focus was on analysis tools for determining solutions. In week five, we discussed groups and you also completed an assignment on analysis tools used for groups/teams. This week, one of the topics is about thinking critically. Pretend that you are working in a group and groupthink occurs. The group leader believes that the decision should be implemented, and all group members (except you) agree with him/her. You realize that the solution to the decision is very costly and unaffordable. What would you do?

2. “Critical thinking is the opposite of creative thinking.” Do you agree or disagree? Why? Also, how does this affect you when making decisions at work? When replying to this topic, be sure to read the articles concerning critical thinking and creative thinking. The links are included on this week’s overview page.

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