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Annotated Bibliographies are very useful in conducting research because they allow the researcher an opportunity to compile all of the needed resources for the study into a centralized document so that the researcher can have quick access to the information relative to each source.  For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography based on your identified social issue relative to the Mississippi Delta.  The annotated bibliography must consist of literature (sources) that are relevant to your chosen social issue and must follow the outline below:

1. Must address an issue relative to the Mississippi Delta.

2. Must contain a minimum of five (5) sources such as journals, books, etc.

3. Each source must be followed by a thorough annotation that summarizes the source in your own words and explains the relevance to your identified issue.  Additionally, each annotation should explain what it adds to your knowledge about your identified issue.

4. Must follow APA guidelines.

5. Each annotation should be between 100-150 words.

6. Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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