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Assignment 1: Develop Engaging Learning Experiences—Step 1 of 3

Over the next 3 weeks, you will design a set of engaging learning experiences for a context and learning environment of your choice. You may use the Learning Plan you developed in EDUC 6757 as the basis for these learning experiences, or you may choose another appropriate learning context.

This week you will develop the first learning experience, addressing the categories of learning goals discussed in the readings and in the Discussion. In the next 2 weeks, you will develop additional learning experiences addressing other categories of learning goals relevant to your learning plan.

For your assignment this week:

Create two strategies to develop the following categories of learning goals addressed by Barkley:

  • Knowledge, Skills, Recall, and Understanding
  • Analysis and Critical Thinking

Describe in the following parts:

  • Description and Purpose
  • Step-by-Step Directions

Provide a rationale for your choice of learning strategies, including how they will support student engagement and learning.

Assignment length: 2–3 pages

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