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ARNPS and Evidence-based Practices

ARNPS and Evidence-based Practices

Advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) are nurses with extensive education in their area of specialization beyond that of a registered nurse practitioner (RNP). This enables them to undertake more advanced roles such as diagnosis, prescription and treatment of acute illnesses. The roles require them to employ the best and most up to date skills and knowledge either based on nursing research or their day to day practices and association with the patients. In my clinical area which is pediatric nursing, ARNPs, have spearheaded a lot of evidence-based practices that are aimed at achieving positive health outcomes in the children cared for. Evidence-based decision making is at the core of every choice taken in the unit to ensure the best and safest decisions are made for every individual child. With children having the most delicate body system, a sound judgment and evidence-based decision making are imperative.

Staff education is one of the main evidence-based activity conducted by advanced registered nurse practitioners to registered nurse practitioners in the pediatric unit. Having a more advanced knowledge than the RNPs, ARNPs share their evidence-based expertise obtained from their extensive studies and nursing researches. Various error reduction strategies trained by the nurses have helped reduce the number of pediatric deaths in the institution and contributed to more positive health outcomes. The nurses have created an organizational culture of patient safety through such acts as proper handling of clinical equipment and frequent hand-washing to mitigate the risk of transmitting infections to the vulnerable patients. Communication is another evidence-based activity spearheaded by the nurses.  Recognizing the negative effects of poor communication, ARNPs in the unit have always encouraged proper communication and the use of an effective reporting system that assures no retribution for errors made to encourage nurse to report their mistakes so that they can be mended before it is too late (Lacey et al., 2008). Positive health outcomes and the significant reduction in child mortality rates in the unit show that our consumers benefit from the practices.

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