Article Review


  1. You will locate and analyze an article on a financial topic or current financial event that interests you.
  2. Summarize the article and support your observations with evidence from research and the readings.
  3. You can also use any financial websites along with any sources such as journals, textbooks, Newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, etc.
  4. Also, feel free to discuss any topic in the world of finance even though we may not have covered it or it is not covered in the text. Finance is a very broad topic so you can write on many topics such as a particular.
  5. Your assignment should be a minimum of 500 words. A title page and executive summary are not required. Be sure to use APA format when citing your reference. (Note: Please do not use Wikipedia articles).
  6. Submit your Article Review here in this public thread so that your course-mates can read and comment on our work. 

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