As we have last week three questions

. This time also I m giving three questions that is question 1 and question 2 and question 3 and each question should 250 words each and I need a seperate file for journal. I will provide the template for journal just paraphrase it. BEFORE STARTING THE ASSIGNMENT READ THIS ONCE: When answering questions in the weekly Discussion Forums, please remember to actively work on being both clear and specific in your writing. Actively working on your communication skills here, means writing your ideas out as fully as possible and not resorting to truncation, text-speak, or casual tones in grammar. After all, your PYear is an excellent place to practice and groom yourself for your professional career – something we all need to work on for the rest of our professional careers,We might add. You can become clear and specific in your academic writing by not only planning and thinking carefully about how you are responding, but by also including considered reasons for selecting and discussing particular aspects of a question. Remember, 100-200 words is not much room to discuss your ideas, and you are not expected to grapple with everything, so be selective in what you choose to discuss. Lastly, there are no ‘right ‘ or ‘wrong’ answer to these questions, however you will need to demonstrate and convince your reader of your understanding and explicit engagement with the online course materials, and synthesise this with the practical experience your internship affords you. We need seperate reference for each question seperately as you last time.

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