Assessment, Tests, and Measures Quiz

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Assessment, Tests, and Measures Quiz

This multiple-choice quiz will gauge your understanding of the material presented in this course and provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your mastery of the course competencies:

  • Analyze the historical and theoretical basis for assessment methods, strategies, and techniques in counseling.
  • Compare assessments using basic measurement constructs.
  • Apply ethical and legal issues related to individual assessments according to the appropriate professional counseling organization standards.
  • Discriminate between different categories of assessment instruments and their practical application.
  • Apply assessment concepts for special populations as well as ethnic and culturally diverse populations.

Read the following instructions before taking the quiz:

  • You must take and submit the quiz in this unit.
  • There is no time limit on the quiz.
  • You may make only one attempt at completing the quiz. An attempt is started when you save an answer to any question. You cannot retake the quiz to change your grade. Once the grade is recorded, it cannot be changed.
  • You may access the quiz by clicking on the quiz title to view the questions.
  • There are 10 questions in this quiz. Each question is worth ten points.
  • When you have answered all questions, submit your quiz to receive credit. The quiz is scored automatically, and you will receive feedback immediately.

Click the linked quiz title to access the quiz. If you have any issues with the quiz, contact your instructor.

Tip: Do not start an attempt, that is, save any answers, for the quiz until you are ready to complete it.


  • Assessment, Tests, and Measures Quiz Scoring Guide.

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