Assignment 1(4)

Assignment 1(4)

Part A: 1. Allison expects her monthly cash inflow after taxes to be $3000. She also has the following monthly expenses: Rent, $750; student loan payment, $200; utilities, $150; food, $300; recreation, $600; car expenses, $200; clothing, $150. What is Allison’s net cash flow for the current month?

2. Judy has cash inflows of $3,000 for the month of June. Her expenses or cash outflows were $4,000. List two (2) options for Judy to meet her financial obligations in June and indicate the effect (increase or decrease) of these options on her assets and liabilities.

Part B: Describe how credit cards affect the following.

1. Your personal budget

2. Your income statement

3. Your balance sheet

Part C: Describe at least two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of selling your home yourself instead of hiring a realtor.

Assignment 2(8)

Part A: 1. Describe two (2) steps you should take to evaluate and choose health care insurance options.

2. Describe one (1) consideration you should take into account when looking into the option of private health care insurance.

Part B: Describe one (1) way that the decision to invest in stocks affects financial planning, liquidity management, financing, and protecting your wealth.

Part C: Before investing in mutual funds, describe two (2) other issues that you would want to address in your overall financial plan.

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