Part I

Part one requires 300 words on performance measurement (variance analysis, ROI, and EVA (economic value added)) as a management tool.

Part II

Recently, Sears Holdings (consisting of Sears and Kmart stores) and Macy’s announced the combined closing of over 200 stores and the layoff of approximately 10,000 workers nationwide.

Do some research either on Sears Holdings or on Macy’s. Be sure that you visit IBISWorld, and that you do some research on the Department Store industry. 

Then, answer the following:

In 150 words (or more), describe the specific strategies that you believe Sears Holdings or Macy’s have followed in the past 2-3 years.

In 200 words (or more), discuss why the strategies of these companies appear to be failing (why are both companies now needing to close so many stores?). Are the strategies of the company you selected flawed? If so, why?  If not, what else is the cause of the multiple store closures on the part of both companies?

Part III

In 300 words (or more) answer the following questions: 

Has Target pursued a more appropriate (or correct) strategy than Sears or Macy’s? 

What do you believe is the difference between their strategies (why has Target been relatively more successful)? If no, what then, is behind Target’s success? Be specific.

REQUIRED REFERENCES: 3 (One for each part)


1. DUE: 15 OCTOBER 2017 BY 12:00 PM EST.

2. PROJECT LENGTH: 950 Words. Write what you need to write, and make each sentence count!

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