Assignment J4

Note: I need help with the following assignment. The answer must be 100% original and address the complete requirements.


Your supervisor has asked you to lead a team of paralegals in your office in a project to prepare a public service paper to the community about how a case moves through your state’s criminal court system. (My State Court Jurisdiction is Alabama.) This paper will explain the steps in how a case moves through the courts and who is involved in the courtroom workgroup.

Write a complete 1-2 pages paper that addressing the following:

  1. List the stages of the court process and what occurs at each stage.
  2. Who are the members of the courtroom workgroup, and what are their roles in the workgroup?
  3. Include how the case would be appealed to a higher court in your jurisdiction.

Must include 2-3 credible references with citations in APA.

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