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Assignment – Mr JG is a 62yr old man. Recently diagnosed

The aim of this paper is to provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge of Type 2 diabetes and its management.
Review the case study below and critically analyse how the diagnosis, management and treatment meet recommended management guidelines. Include any areas of management/education that are important to consider that have not been mentioned in the case. References need to be included as per the APA referencing guidelines.

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Mr JG is a 62yr old man. Recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)
As his brother has T2DM, Mr JG was being routinely screened by his GP.
His wife died a year ago, now lives alone. Cares for 2 primary school aged grandchildren four afternoons a week.
Non-smoker but likes a weekend beer or two. Works five days a week as a lawn mowing contractor
Wt 76kg Ht 1.66m Waist circumference 98cm
Routine fasting plasma glucose was FBG 6.1mmol/L
His OGTT 2-hour result was 11.4mmol/L. HbA1c 7.2%
Commenced on Metformin 500mg bd
Bydureon once a week
No blood glucose monitoring commenced
GP management plan includes diabetes educator and dietitian and referral to the ophthalmologist
Past Medical history
Dyslipidaemia treated with Lipitor 40mg for past 5 years.
BP 140/80mmHg
Recent hospitalisation with kidney stones

Word length: 2000 words.
Submission Due Date: 28 August 2020 at 1pm.
To be emailed to me at

To be discussed in detail

Clinical parameters of diabetes?
How it is diagnosed?
Used Medication in case and rationale for using those and need to be discussed
Required management for diabetes.
Lipids?, education, nutrition, cardiovascular risk relation with diabetes
General practice guidelines for managing T2DM.
Relevance of kidney stones and its effect.

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