Assignment: Trade Disputes Briefing Paper

Assignment: Trade Disputes Briefing Paper

A trade dispute occurs when one member of the government  believes another is violating an agreement or a commitment that it has  made in the World Trade Organization (WTO). Ultimate responsibility for  settling disputes also lies with member governments, through the Dispute  Settlement Body of the WTO.

To prepare for this Assignment, consult these two websites, and,  and look through the list of current or recent disputes before the WTO.  Choose one to analyze and imagine that you will be advising them. Then,  write a briefing paper that you would present to the company’s  management. Make sure you identify the company in your response.

Your paper should include:

  1. A brief history of the events leading up to the trade dispute and a summary of its main issues
  2. A summary of the arguments made by the major parties in the dispute
  3. If there has been no response to date, suggest what you think the likely response might be.
  4. Your assessment of, and rationale for, the likely outcome of the dispute and its timing
  5. Your assessment of, and rationale for, the impact of the outcome on the company you are advising

General Guidance on Assignment Length:  Your Assignment will typically be 2 to 4 pages (1 to 2 pages if  single-spaced), excluding a title page and references. Refer to the Week  2 Application rubric for grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor  will use the rubric to assess your work.

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