Base on the instructor’s comments to revise the composition

homework based on:

1- Note 2 political actions that are in line with Socialism and explain why and how they relate to the concepts attached to this ideology. List your sources. 

2- Answer the questions below. List your source(s) for all your answers: 

A) Why is Communism considered a dying ideology? Provide 2 arguments to support your answer. 

B) Has Communism ever existed in practice? Use one example to support your answer.

instructor’s comments below:

Review how to refer to your references adequately – no in-text reference leads to an automatic 0% and is considered plagiarism, quoting author with no reference is plagiarism and will lead to a 0%, also review how to create a reference list that summarizes your references using the proper methodology, watch out for typos and grammar errors. Overall limited information and/or incomplete answers – review them by adding details, facts and examples. Review your homework and get help from the writing center as soon as possible.

The maximum word limit is 1200 words, excluding references. 

The text must be 1,5 paced. 

Students will need to refer to their references adequately to paraphrase or quote their sources. (MLA and APA are both accepted).

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