Basic And Diluted EPS The Following Information Was Taken From The Books And Records Of Ludwick, Inc.: 1. Net Income $ 420,000 2. Capital Structure:

Basic and Diluted EPS                
The following information was taken from the books and records of Ludwick, Inc.:                
1.   Net Income                                              $ 420,000                
2.   Capital Structure:                
a.   Convertible 6% bonds. Each of the 300, $1,000 bonds is convertible into 50 shares of common stock at the present date and for the next 10 years.                                420,000                
b.   $ 10 par common stock, 200,000 shares issued and outstanding during the entire year.                                  2,000,000                
c.   Stock warrants outstanding to buy 16,000 shares of common stock at $20 per share                
3.   Other information:                
a.   Bonds converted during the year                                                   None                
b.   Income Tax Rate                                                                             30%                
c.   Convertible debt was outstanding the entire year                
d.   Avg Market Price per share of common stock during the year        $32                
e.   Warrants were outstanding the entire year                
f.    Warrants exercised during the year                                               None                
Compute Basic and Diluted Earnings Per Share. Use the following format:

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