Big Data Processing

Submit a short paper (up to 5 pages in length) on a chosen topic relating to one of the following topical areas: (i) An investigation into the utilisation of solutions to support real-time data analytics in modern Big Data processing environments. Present and provide comparisons of a number of alternative storage infrastructure options. Reference should also be made to stream processing systems that can be utilised with storage solutions, and also to current research and development in the area. (ii) An investigation into the evolution of storage media technology within the data centre to support the I/O requirements of modern applications. Present an assessment of the appropriateness of utilising solid state storage devices (e.g., SSDs/Flash based storage) in modern storage solutions. Your submission should make reference to Information Lifecycle Management and current research and development in storage media technology to increase I/O performance. The submitted paper will be marked in accordance with the following marking scheme: a) Remit of Paper Topic [10 marks] Relevance, clarity of purpose, aspects of originality, understanding the topic in the larger context of Cloud Data Storage and Management for the research. b) Critical Process [30 marks] Methodology and approach towards addressing the topic within the 5 page limit and time frame allocated. Evidence of critical reflection and synthesis of the ideas and sources. Competency and consideration in the choice and use of primary and secondary sources. Quality of argumentation, discussion, and interpretation of research. c) Research [25 marks] Selection and use of appropriate current sources. Quality, range and relevance of the research and themes. Evidence of critical analysis. d) Quality of Research Outcomes and Originality [25 marks] Coherent resolution to the sources assembled within the paper. Quality in method, organization, interpretation, and resolution of research undertaken. e) Quality of Paper Development [10 marks] Adequate and consistent citation – There must be a bibliography at the end of the report, where you must document all sources of your information. Ensure to correctly reference all resources using the Harvard style of referencing. Any and all URLS, quotes, statistics etc. must be referenced. You can use a range of references including articles, white papers, conference papers, journals, book chapters, etc. Coherent use of syntax (headings, sub-headings, footnotes, etc. Appropriate use and clarity of illustrations/tables where appropriate.

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