Business Law


This will be four to five pages in length.  I am going to focus on what sources you discover and utilize to gather information and data for your topic (these are referred to in research as references). You will be required to include an annotated bibliography with your paper.

The following steps are required for this project:

  • The  Paper must be a minimum of 4 pages using the APA (American Psychological Association) style of writing. THIS IS THE BODY OF THE PAPER ONLY AND DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COVER PAGE AND BIBLIOGRAPHY  WHICH ARE ALSO REQUIRED.
  • Use a minimum of 5 sources (references). Sources MUST be from proper research journals, periodicals, books, etc. Sources that cannot be substantiated as authentic, reputable or appropriate for this level of assignment will not be accepted Your paper must be spaced according to APA format with margins of 1″with Font size – no larger or smaller than 12 point.
  • Title page required (per APA). Do NOT place in folder. Paper is to be submitted in the drop box provided.


An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.

Annotations are descriptive and critical; they expose the author’s point of view, clarity and appropriateness of expression, and authority.


The following is a list of suggested topics.  You may choose a topic from the list and narrow it down or expand upon it for research.  

  1. The Medical and Legal Determination of Death
  2. Death as a Legal Entity – Forensic
  3. The Living Will
  4. Advance Directives-Yes or No?
  5. Criminal Investigations of Death – Medico/Legal
  6. Death with Dignity
  7. Cost of Dying
  8. Disposal of the Dead
  9.  Pre-Planned Funerals–Trust Funded vs. Insurance Funded
  10. Green Burials
  11. Cryonics
  12. Corporate vs. Private Funeral Companies–Pros and Cons
  13. Legal Rights of Sepulche
  14. Cremation
  15. Antitrust Aspects of the Funeral Industry – FTC
  16. Shoppers– What are a Funeral Homes Rights and Responsibilities?
  17. Insurance Assignments-Should Funeral Homes Accept or Reject These and Why?
  18. Organ Donation. To Whom, By Whom and for Whom?
  19. The Student Mortician:  Rights, Requirements and Responsibilities.
  20. Wills and Trusts (one or both)
  21. Laws Governing Cemeteries
  22. Worker’s Compensation in Funeral Service
  23. OSHA in the Prep Room
  24. Conglomerate relations with Religious Organizations
  25. Victims Crime Fund Assistance with Funeral Costs
  26. Veterans Benefits-Who Gets What and Why?
  27. Hospice Role in Death and Family Funeral Choices
  28. Casket Stores and Their Role in the Funeral Industry
  29.  The Funeral Rule: How it Affects the Public and You the Professional

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