Business Of IT Department

Task 2.3: Identify risks
You are to organise and run a brainstorming session with members of the Kingfisher IT department. You are the project leader of the risk management process. You can use other students, family members or friends. You must ensure you have at least three people included in the session.
If you are unable to organise other people to assist you with the role play, there will be an opportunity to do the role play via Skype with other students.
Please use the Subject line – Request for Risk role play via Skype.
Complete the following tasks.
  Provide your team members with the Kingfisher background information located in your ‘Course files’.
  Give your team members the background information (refer to Kingfisher intranet if required) about the environment at head office and the IT department, for example, it is in an industrial estate surrounded by a pharmaceutical company head office and an auto repair shop on the other side. Chemicals are stored in both locations.
  Brainstorm all the risks for the IT department and document them. Include business risks associated with the environment and other business risks that could affect the IT department’s business success.
   Document all risks generated by the group on a chart/table.
   Video this session. Save the video file as Assessment 2B Identifying risks video and submit to your assessor when completed.

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