Busn460 – senior project – week 8 – team final report – cango inc.

Based on weekly input, the team will include in its Final Report details, in priority order, of CanGo’s notable challenges and the team’s recommendations to resolve those challenges.

In Week 8, each consulting team will submit to CanGo management a definitive report, with the following considerations and requirements:

Format of the paper (using Microsoft Word 2010):

  • Your team report must support your Microsoft PowerPoint Final Presentation (presented in Week 7).
  • You may prepare other materials (Gantt charts, diagrams, etc.) to support your conclusions and recommendations.
  • Report length: 2000 – 2500 Words.
  • Font face: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12 pt
  • Line spacing: Double spaced
  • Margins: Left, Right, Top and Bottom must not exceed 1 inch

If you quote or paraphrase from external sources, you must cite the sources in the body of your documents and add the source to a separate reference page. Use APA citation format for all assignments submitted for DeVry Online undergraduate courses.

The Final Report must be posted by the Week 8 Team Leader in Document Sharing > Final Reports and Presentations no later than midnight Mountain Time on Thursday of Week 8.  Do NOT use the Dropbox for submitting these files. The file should be named [Team] – [Team Name] Final Report.  Example, Team A’s team name is Above Average Consulting, so the file would be named: Team A – Above Average Consulting Final Report.


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