Campus Network’S Internet Connection

1. What is an expected percentage utilization for a network? 2. The protocol analyzer shows that the average frame size of data packets being delivered to and from the campus network’s Internet connection is 1203. Is this a reasonable average? Justify your answer. 3. List six ways an attacker gains access to a network. 4. Your network is experiencing an excessive amount of pings to your network server. The pings are from outside the network. Someone suggests that you set an access list to block ICMP packets coming into the network. How would you respond? 5. Your supervisor informs you that a user on the network has requested a VPN connection. Prepare a response to the supervisor discussing what is needed to provide the connection. 6. How does FERPA define education records? 7. How does the SLA differ from the MOU? 8. What is the purpose of a service agreement relative to the IT world?

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