Case Study

  1. Confessions: Ethical DilemmasRead the scenario provided below. After reading the scenario, you will prepare a response through the views of three critical lenses. The first critical lens will be from the perspective of a law enforcement personnel. The second critical lens will be from the view of a member of a neighborhood association. The third critical lens will be from the view of a close relative to the suspect. From each critical lens, you are to answer the following questions and provide justification for your answers:
    1. Can any aspect of the scenario be classified as hearsay?
    2. Do any hearsay exemptions or exceptions apply?
    3. Did the suspect provide a confession?
    4. Was the confession given freely and voluntarily?
    5. Was the Miranda rule correctly applied?
    6. Are there any exceptions to the Miranda warning requirement that applies?
    7. Would the confession be admissible at trial?

You will also need to provide a summarization paragraph in which you will discuss which lens was the most difficult to answer the questions from and why. In this paragraph, you will also identify any aspect of the scenario to which information shared in the textbook could not be applied.

Each section of your case study must be clearly labeled using the following section headings:

Lens 1: Law Enforcement
Lens 2: Neighborhood Association

Lens 3: Suspect’s Relative Summary

Each section should be a minimum of 100 words. Your entire case study should be at least three pages. 


Garland, N. M. (2015). Criminal evidence (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. 

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