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You have read about a number of companies that have expanded their business by exploring and establishing themselves as a multinational (international) company. Choose a different Multinational Company (MNC) and write a profile about them that includes the following pieces of information:

  • 1. Basic product line
  • 2. Headquarters
  • 3. Locations around the world
  • 4. Changes to company in past 5 years as a result of or reaction to globalization
  • 5. Future development of the company as a result of or reaction to globalization

The last two bullets (#4 and #5) will be partly a result of your research and partly based on your opinion. You are trying to determine how the company has already responded to globalization and how it might continue to be impacted by it in the future. Has it expanded or reduced operations in some way? Why? Has its basic product line changed as a result of elements of globalization (new technology, demographic changes)? What will it do to be competitive in the market in the future.

Your report, written as a case study of the company, should be no more than 2 pages in length excluding the title page and reference page. You will be completing other assignments that require more detailed and lengthy reports. This case study is meant to give you an opportunity to practice your research, analytical, and case study writing skills.

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