Chi-square test for goodness of fit

Please show work (typed) with corresponding letters.

Chegg answer (handwritten, not labeled):–q21253629



Q1) Chi-Square Test for Goodness of Fit (9 points total)


A researcher wants to identify three types of food reward that would be equal in their appeal so that she can use them in a future study. After some research, the researcher found three food rewards that should be comparable in appeal. That is, her “expectation” is that roughly the same number of people would pick each food reward to be their favorite. Before adopting these three food items, however, she would like to formally test them with some real data. So she recruited 60 participants and asked them which of the rewards they preferred. Of the 60 participants, 16 preferred cupcakes, 30 preferred candy bars, and 14 favored dried apricots. Conduct a Chi-Square Test for Goodness of Fit using a .05 significance level.




a)    What is the variable being examined in this study? (1 point)




c)    Calculate X2 statistic (1 for formula/work, 1 for result, 2 points total)



d)   Identify the critical value (1 point)




e)    Compare the X2 statistic with the critical value (1 point)




f)     Report the hypothesis test result, using “reject” or “fail to reject” in the answer (1 point)




g)    Explain the conclusion in a sentence or two (1 point)




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