Writing a research proposal in this topic Intelligent Virtual assistants: between command- and control and conversational. and should contain : 1- PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A statement of what the project is about. This should include: What is the problem to be addressed? What is a proposed solution? What will be produced on the project? 2- CONDUCT OF THE PROJECT: This states how it is proposed the project will be carried out. This should include, as appropriate: Background research: what information will be used to understand the problem and its solution? Data required: What data is necessary for the project, and how will it be obtained? Ethical use of data, including use of human data & human participants: Synthetic data or real non-human data: Real human data. Any new skills that will be required to conduct the project, and how these skills will be acquired. What research methodology (incl. software design methods when appropriate) will be used? What software will be used (when appropriate)? STATEMENT OF DELIVERABLES: This states what will be produced in the project. In some cases it may be useful to identify some deliverables as essential and others as desirable. As appropriate this will include: Description of anticipated documentation; Description of anticipated software (when appropriate); Description of anticipated experiments (when appropriate); Description of methods for evaluation of the work. (There is attached to help with the title) it is not a real research so u can choose any problem related to the subject and made a proposal.

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