Create a change model and discuss resistors to support


I choose the Kotter’s Model see attachment 

Discuss the change model selected to support/guide the change project

Discuss the essential actions of the change project based on the selected change model, which should consider addressing potential resistors.

Discuss a communication plan to promote and manage your project.

The reference list (sources supporting your arguments).

Make a prezi model or any other one as long as the model is created. be creative 

Change Model to guide your change plan

Select a model and discuss the characteristics, who coined the model, and why is this model the one that fits your change project.


Based on the institutional change patterns, recognize potential resistors to the projected change plan.

How to address resistance

Considering the previous information design a brief plan to address resistance, and incorporate resistors into the change project.

A few of my thoughts but not limited to

I would say those resistors are those who aren’t a receiving clear communication within the organization…
How can we help resistors, well we can make sure communicate isn’t ambiguous… we can be transparent in model behavior…. we can make sure our guidelines are structured and align with the vision and mission

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