Create a Leadership Plan for Operationalization in a Nursing Context

Create a Leadership Plan for Operationalization in a Nursing Context

The aim of this assessment task is to demonstrate integration between theory ( contingency theory) and practice in the provision of contemporary leadership in nursing. You will write an essay that discusses a leadership plan that you develop for your work in a future nursing context. The leadership plan should be developed according the prescribed structure and presented as an appendix to your essay. The plan should be for a period of three months (post course) and the setting or context should be a nursing workplace. The workplace can be real or imagined. (If you choose a real workplace and setting please make any references to third parties the organisation, and/or the context anonymous.)

Create a Leadership Plan for Operationalization in a Nursing Context( leadership operation plan during external disaster ( 30 bus accident victims) response in emergency department )
This assessment is a written essay consisting of the sections named below and will address the leadership plan. The essay shall be approximately 2000-2,500 words in length and it will consist of seven (7) sections:
? Section 1: Title, Introduction (up to 200 words)
? Section 2: Contextual Scenario (up to 300 words)
? Section 3: Explanation of the Leadership Plan (academic and practical justification) (1000-1300 words)
? Section 4: Consideration of Leadership Facilitators and Barriers (that you would be likely to encounter when the plan is ?implemented) (up to 500 words)
? Section 5: Conclusion (up to 200 words)
? Section 6: References
? Section 7: Appendix Leadership plan (3 pages maximum) ?Estimated return date: Monday the 21st November?Hurdle requirements (where applicable): This assessment is not a hurdle requirement Individual assessment in group tasks (where applicable): Not applicable?Criteria for marking: Pointers to help you to prepare the essay



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