Create a secure registration form for new players

The main aim for my project is to look into different types of security issues within a web application and discuss in detail what they are and how they can be dangerous to a web application. I will also discuss how these issues can be avoided and then apply these security measures to my product and then discuss in detail how I put these security measures in place. Another aim is to create a secure front end website and a secure back end database for the website. To make sure that security features are used within the database and the php code enabling secure user access.

The objective of the project is to produce a well-crafted, fully functional and responsive website, to help advertise my cricket club so they can attract more players and look more professional. The website will include five pages which will consist of: home page, about us, fixtures page, gallery, contact us, login page and a register page. I will also include links to the cricket clubs social media accounts and also a map of where the club is so it can be easily located by new players.

Create seven well designed web pages with SSL security implemented on each page
Create a secure login form for players
Create a secure registration form for new players
Create a secure database with access control
Research different types of security threats in detail

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