Cyber terrorism paper | Law homework help

Read the wikipedia entry on the Stuxnet virus and then watch this TED video detailing the cracking of the virus.


Additional video regarding the Stuxnet Virus can be found here.




Consider the following questions while formulating your paper:

Is it surprising that the virus was the result of the countries mentioned in the video?

Was this an act of cyberterrorism? Why or why not?

With the huge potential for disaster if the wrong systems were infected (think US power grid) was it the right decision to use the virus against Iran? Why or why not?


Should cyber attacks be considered and act of war against a country? Why or why not?


Using 1000-1500 words, critically examine the subject matter. This does not mean that you should simply summarize the topic. You should first provide a brief summary, the remainder of the paper should provide a critique of the strengths and/or weaknesses of the author(s) arguments and/or answering the questions and prompts asked. This should not simply be your opinion. That is, if you state a strength or weakness of the author(s) arguments you MUST state WHY you believe so. Your argument MUST be supported by a reference to the text book or other outside source. Personal opinion alone will receive no credit as even an opinion has a basis in known facts. MUST BE APA, HAVE IN TEXT CITATIONS THAT MATCH REFERENCES!!

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