Deploy An Application To A Production Environment

Part I: Choose the correct option:
1. The types of comments available in C#
a. Single line(//)
b. Multi line(/* */)
c. Page comments(///)
d. All of the above
2. Characteristics of C#
a. consistent
b. Object oriented
c. Only b
d. Both a and b
3. Categories of inheritance
a. Single inheritance
b. Multiple inheritance
c. Hierarchical and Multilevel inheritance
d. All of the above
4. Concepts of OOPS
a. Inheritance
b. Objects and classes
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above
5. Is it possible to host the website from desktop? (Yes or No)
Part II: Answer all the questions below
1. You are going to client place to install new software, what are the procedures you will follow before installation and also explain the importance of security requirements?
2. What is .net framework? What are the parts it consists of?
3. What is database?
4. What are steps involved in connecting the database with page?

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