Design Specification ( Project Proposal )

Please use the material and the rubic below for to do this homwork


The purpose of this CubeSat is to measure the weather and climate change over the east coast. 

Project scope:

Proposes to develop stakeholder (NASA) requirements, context level architecture, system level … for the cubesat process. 

Stakeholder and statement of need: 

Principal customer is NASA. The principal user will be – whoever is responsible for weather control data. 

NASA needs a Cubesat that provides 24/7 weather and climate surveillance. 

System Functionality / Capability 

• Detect weather and climate patterns in a timely manner

• Covers the east coast 

• Transmit collected data to data control center

• Receive command from the ground mission operation centers 

• Navigate in space 

Measures of effectiveness 

• How do we put a number or measure the effectiveness of weather measurement?

• Put a geographical number 

• Frequency or timing measurement 

• How do we measure how well it received command? 

• Compare to GPS

Systems Context & Description 

Fill out the end 


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