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Comparing or Analyzing Commercial

Directions: During the last week of class, you will create a digital presentation and upload it here on Blackboard. This will test your knowledge of analysis or compare/contrast. You will create a PowerPoint slide of your commercial(s) and present your findings. You will not have to write a paper, but instead present the contents using Loom, Screencast-o-matic, Zoom, or any other digital recording tool where you can show both your PowerPoint Slide and your face. 

Options: You will have two areas of focus that you can choose for your project. 

Analyzing a commercial using audience, purpose, ethos, logos and pathos

Compare/contrast two different commercials highlighting both the similarities and differences 

In both options you will need to post your commercial(s) in addition to your digital presentation 

Option 1 – Analysis: You will pick only one commercial to analyze. In your PowerPoint you will need to answer the following questions:

What’s the purpose?

Who’s the audience?

How is ethos used?

How is logos used?

How is pathos used?

Option 2 – Compare/Contrast: You will need to pick two commercials for a similar product but two different brands. In your PowerPoint you will need to include the following:

What are two similarities between the two commercials? (It must be something other than the fact that they are selling the same type of product.) 

What are two differences between the two commercials?

In your opinion, which commercial is more convincing? Why? 

Make sure your PowerPoint slide has a title slide with your name and a slide with the MLA or APA Works Cited information of the commercial and anything else you used to help develop your analysis or compare/contrast 


You will pick a TV commercial of your choice that can be found on YouTube advertising for one of the following types of products:  


Cellphone Carriers (Version, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.)




Candy Bars

Energy drinks 

Cleaning products 

Kids toys 

If you can think of a different type of commercial you want to evaluate, let me know so that I can approve it. 

Total Points: 50 points – 5% of final grade

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