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Discuss organizational culture as it applies to dominant and sub-cultures in health care organizations.

module 3
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Readings Requirements:
American Nurses Association. (2009). Nursing Administration: Scope and standards of practice. American Nurses Association: Silver Spring Maryland. If you dont have a copy you can obtain one
Borkowski N. (2016). Organizational Behavior in Health Care ((3rd ed.). Burlington MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. CHAPTERS 5-7
Shortell S.M. Kaluzny A.D. (2006/2012). Healthcare management: Organization design and behavior (6th ed). United States: Thomson/Delmar Learning. REVIEW 1-4 Read Chapter 10
March 27
April 2 Lesson:
Theory Assessment & Application
Course Outcomes:
Course Objective 123 & 5
Applying theory to create and stimulate organizational change Readings:
1. Student postings from modules 1&2
2. S & K review chapters 1-4 read S&K chapter 10
3. Borkowski ch. 5-7
4. Related articles on the development of organizational vision mission and goals from the professional literature.
Discussion Board primary postings (with your group):
1. Describe a hypothetical health care organization using the products of this course and any other resources that may be useful.
2. Prepare a Vision Mission & Goal statement for the hypothetical organization which embodies selected Nursing & Organization (Administration & Management) Theory.
3. Clearly describe how your choice of theory supports and enhances your hypothetical organizations success in the real world.
Helpful Hints: No one theory is sufficient in and by itself. You are the craftsman or master for this project. You explore examine evaluate make decisions and apply and use the tools and
resource you have to best achieve your organizational goals. Nursing and Management administration is the melding of art and science into useful practice applications. Our focus needs to be on
evidence based practice resulting in positive outcomes.
Course Objective outcomes:
Upon course completion the learner is expected to be able to:
1. Evaluate leadership and management theories and models utilized in health care organizations.
2. Analyze health care management situations from theoretical and research perspectives
3. Utilize the steps of the management process to analyze management situations.
4. Discuss organizational culture as it applies to dominant and sub-cultures in health care organizations.
5. Assess an organizational culture and utilize leadership and management theories to change the organizational culture.
Masters level APA formet

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