In  Chapters 5–6 of your text, you learned the critical roles that parents  play in providing stability and supports to children who live in at-risk  environments. You also learned how physiological needs could contribute  to how children respond to adversity. Please use your readings and  research peer-reviewed journal articles in the Purdue Global Library to  support your post.

Please respond to the following:

  • Define adversity and explain how living in an at-risk community contributes to a family’s ability to foster resilience.
  • Discuss  one physiological need that must be met in order for a family to have a  chance at developing resilience. Find research on the physiological  need chosen and share your findings.
  • Search  your community for an organization or agency that provides services  that address the physiological need you chose. Discuss the programs they  offer that assist families with meeting this need.

You can google the textbook below and find parts if not all of the textbook. A minimum of 350 words. **Please answer each bullet point correctly and fully**

  • Textbook Information:
  •  Family Problems: Stree, Risk, and ResilienceEdition:1st (2014)Author:Joyce A. ArdittiPublisher:WileyBook ISBN:978-1118348284 

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