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Discussion 4 MIS


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Read four (4) academically reviewed articles on Net Neutrality and complete the following activities:

(Wikipedia articles will not be accepted. Professor may check originality of all posts. Avoid copy-and-paste.

1.     Summarize all four (4) articles in 300 words or more. Please use your own words. No copy-and-paste

2.     Base on your article review and the assigned reading, discuss how net neutrality will affect data networks and the availability of information to businesses. Do you believe net neutrality will lead to IT efficiency? Why or why not? 

Please note the following points from the instructor.

 1). Students are continuously using the web-based website which attempts to
hide copied and pasted responses. Instead this site creates unreadable
nonsensical response. Students who use this will receive a zero grade without
questions or chance for re-submissions.

2) Students whose responses do not contain punctuation, correct grammar or
sentence construction and are unreadable receive zero.

3) Students must follow the instructions for using ONLY journal articles NO
INTERNET ARTICLES ALLOWED. As per instructions use the number of journal
articles requested for each question.

4) Students must correctly and fully answer all parts of the questions. Some
questions may have 2-3 parts. All parts must be answered to obtain optimal

5) Turnitin scores must be within the acceptable range of 0-15%. High scores
will mean adversely affected grades. Scores from 84-100% will receive a zero


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