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Discussion Applying Nursing Theory

Discussion Applying Nursing Theory

Application of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory

Florence Nightingale’s model of nursing care provides nurses with a theoretical and conceptual framework from which to evaluate their clinical setting. The theorist defined thirteen canons of environment and a detailed description of the relevance of each to human health (Karim, 2015). She also gave a direction of how the canons could be manipulated to enhance a health-supporting environment. Ventilation, light, noise and cleanliness are the major canons in theory. The management of the hospital in which I am working with has ensured that the major canons are implemented in the clinical setting to provide both the in-patients and the out-patients with a health-promoting environment. From Nightingale’s environmental model of care, the management is aware that a clinical setting can affect human health even for outpatients who are there for the least time. As such, the outpatient area is naturally ventilated through windows and doors. The area is also free from noise apart from the chatting of patients which is not usually as loud. It is cleaned thrice in a day with a disinfectant or even more when need be. The environment in the wards and rooms also has similar properties. However, with the construction of a maternity wing just next to one of the maternity ward, noise has become a nuisance to some patients.

Miss Jones is a schizophrenic woman who gave birth to an immature infant a week ago. Despite her condition, she has strong motherly instincts and she wouldn’t leave the hospital where she is sure to see her baby whenever she wanted to. She was allowed to stay in the maternity ward since her parents guaranteed that she is not violent. One afternoon as I was strolling along the ward, I realized there is a foul smell coming from a certain area of the ward.  I decided to enter and check where the smell was coming from. I realized the stench was concentrated in one corner of the hospital. Going there, I found the young woman crying holding her chest. I realized that she had pooped and peed on the bed and from the look of it it was not the first time she had done it. She told me she had only had one meal since she came to the hospital as the noise outside the ward scared her. I informed the nurse in charge who claimed she was not told about the woman’s admission.

After examining her and carrying out a blood test, we found that she had duodenal ulcers (Health Direct, 2018). We called her parents who apologized for not telling us she had a problem with noise and a history of the illness. Although we did not let the parents know of the negligence in our part, we informed the nurse who was in charge during her admission of her mistake. We cleaned her up and started her treatment for the ulcers immediately. We also arranged for her relocation to another ward which was far from the construction area’s noise since we realized her phobia to noisy environments was health-threatening.

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