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1. Sustainability and innovation

1.Farmers around the world are in a particularly fragile position because of this pandemic.  With the closure of restaurants, schools, and other high-volume consumers, critical linkages in global food ecosystems are breaking down.  Read the following NY Times article and offer your thoughts / solutions for addressing the issue of food destruction, even as millions of people continue to experience food insecurity and/or starvation.

Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables- Food Waste of the Pandemic – The New York Times.pdf

2. “Base of the Pyramid (BoP)” opportunities

Watch the video link below and consider the information about Mr. Bharalis inventions designed to help his community. In the “Jugaad Man” discussion thread, follow the rules of brainstorming below and develop viable ideas for helping Mr. Bharali create additional income:

All ideas are welcome, with no criticism or judgments
Build on others ideas in thread responses and combine them as much as possible.
Elaborate on the sustainability implications of implementing each of those ideas.

3. Innovations to meet critical shortages

Much of the news focuses on how hard businesses have been hit by the pandemic. However, entrepreneurship is about finding opportunities and adapting in a dynamic environment.

The shortage of ventilators has spurred multiple innovations such as the possibility of one ventilator serving up to 4 patients and the adaptation of CPAP machines.  Many innovations have increased the supply of protective equipment (PPE) including companies re-purposing production facilities.

For this discussion thread, identify 3 viable innovations for emerging / frontier economies that are suddenly struggling with a high number of COVID-19 cases.  Introduce your innovations in the threaded discussion; others who have the same innovation must cross it off their list. Let’s see how many unique innovations our class can identify!


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