Discussion Week 4



Review the Student Materials on Elder Abuse. After reviewing, respond to the following using reading materials, research, articles, and any literature reviewed on the topic. Your initial  response must be 150 words minimum with one academic citation included.

A) Select  one (1) example of Elder Abuse, define what it is and how it harms the victim

B) Discuss the Warning signs or symptoms of the type of abuse you have selected

C) List one (1) resource, agency or referral source you could direct the older adult to for assistance.

                                               Words: 150



Financial Scams often target frail, lonely , and vulnerable elderly. Read the Student Materials on Top 10 Financial Scams Targeting Seniors. Answer the following in one concise post:

1) Provide (1) one example of fraud perpetrated by or against the older population.  Consider news, new articles, or a work-related experience you may have encountered regarding fraud against an older adult. I have attached a link from the National Council on Aging for your review on this issue.

2)What were the effects of that fraud?

     Words: 150

* no plagiarism please ( school policy)*

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