Documentation rationale and outreach plan

Now that you have knowledge about types of documentation and how they can be shared with families, you will create a rationale which defines your documentation methods.

  This assignment has 2 parts.

Part 1: Documentation Rationale
Download and use this Documentation Rationale and Outreach Plan template; fill in the chart and write a 1-page rationale using the following points as a guide:

  • Define and describe your preferred methods of documentation for use with the children in your care in an early learning setting. You may choose any of the methods described in the Module lectures or required readings, as long as they are all different.
  • Describe how often you will communicate with families and what information will be shared.
  • Describe methods for providing family support regarding needs or concerns.
  • Explain your expectations for family involvement in the early learning setting.

Part 2: Outreach Plan
Continue your work in the template from Part 1 and list each of your 4 chosen documentation types separately. In each box, provide:

  • details about how often they will be contributed to by both practitioners and families
  • how families will be asked to become involved in a child’s development
  • what information will be shared, focusing on how families can contribute to specific types of information collection and exchange

Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar in your submission.

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