Edu 659 week 3 assignment

Week 3 – Assignment

Performance Based Assessment

Performance-Based assessments use authentic experiences and hands-on experiences to evaluate the student’s true knowledge, without impedance from a language barrier. When creating this type of assessment teachers must keep in mind:

  • What content or skill is being evaluated
  • What criteria will determine mastery
  • How to create an authentic assessment that requires students to demonstrate their knowledge
  • How feedback will be provided in the most objective manner
  • How these results will guide future instruction

Some examples of Performance-Based Assessment are:

  • Creating and presenting a collage
  • Creating and presenting a PowerPoint
  • Presenting a persuasive speech or one side of a debate
  • Performing a dance, song or skit
  • Guiding the class in a lesson
  • Designing art, a garden, or other architecture

Your job will be to create a Performance-Based Assessment Plan that includes the following components. Each section should have its own sub-heading:

  1. Class Demographics: In this section Include the Lesson Title, Grade Level, Subject Area, number of students (at least FOUR of whom are ELL-), and any other applicable information.
  2. Common Core State Standards and English Language Development Standards: In this section provide a specific, measureable goal that addresses a Common Core State Standard and your state’s English Language Development Standards.
  3. Performance Based Assessment: In this section you will write directions for a Performance Based Assessment that you will have students complete over a three-day (50 minutes per class period) timeframe. Imagine that you will have the students described in the demographics section working in groups of four (with at least one ELL student per group). You are welcome to use one of the examples listed above or another one specific to your content area. The directions should be written as they would be presented to the class. Your assessment can focus on any content area in grades 2 – 12.
  4. Formative Assessment: Describe at least four formative assessments, with visible criteria (Pierce, 2002) that will be provided throughout the lesson to ensure students are grasping content specific vocabulary and meeting the criteria for mastery.
  5. Summative Assessment: Create both a summative visible criteria (Pierce, 2002) rubric and a self-assessment rubric to evaluate student’s final performance project using the information you learned from this week’s reading. You are strongly encouraged to create a rubric using an online program. Several options include:
  • Reflection: This section will include a brief reflection on how assessment will help inform you of your students’ achievement, as well as how it will inform your future instructional actions including possible differentiation strategies. Also, include what plan you will take if the students do not meet the mastery level.
  • The paper must be three- to five- pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages. You must use 5 references in addition to your text(s) for this assignment.

    Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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