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Effects of Exercise Program on Neck Pain

Effects of Exercise Program on Neck Pain

The main aim of this article was the evaluation of exercise program effects on the stretching of muscle and endurance. The researcher formulated the hypothesis as follows

H0: pain intensity, life quality, disability and status of health are insignificant between the intervention and control groups.

H1: pain intensity, life quality, disability and status of health are significant between the intervention and control groups.

            This experiment was a true experiment because the participants were classified into intervention and control group.  The variables being measured in the study included pain intensity and the control and intervention group.  A total sample size of 567 participants were sampled whereby 285 were assigned to the intervention group while the other 282 were assigned to the control group. The sample was relatively large and thus it was considered representative. The study used intervention since the control group received physical exercise program twice a week while the intervention group did not receive any exercise. The research used computer generated randomization was used to perform designation of intervention as a method of sampling. Also, questionnaires and physical examinations were used as data collection techniques. The author followed the sample criteria. the author also used inclusion criteria since the participants were from age group 18-55 years (Sihawong, Janwantanakul & Jiamjarasrangsi., 2014).

            This study used inferential statistics design. This is because Comparison of baseline features of workers between intervention and control group were assessed using continuous data independent t-test while that of ordinal and nominal data was compared using Chi-square assess the group effects, time and their interaction, the study also used a Two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Calculation of Kaplan-Meir survival curves and the relative dangers for control and intervention groups. Results indicated that exercise program was significant in reduction of neck pain. (Sihawong, Janwantanakul & Jiamjarasrangsi., 2014).

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