Emerging Security Risks

Policy Report (45%) The aim of this assignment is to allow you to do a research on real national security issue and to recommend solutions to our policy makers. Here are the guidelines for preparing your policy report. 1. Choose a topic. You may choose any topic related to national security as outlined by Kamarulnizam (2010, pp. 55-70) (see “Existing and Continous Threats”, and “Emerging Security Risks and Threats”, p. 9). If you want to propose a different topic, please consult your instructor. 2. State the main issue from the topic (consult your instructor). 3. Formulate key questions that you want to address (consult your instructor). 4. Prepare a policy report of between 2500-3000 words. Your report should contain the following: a. A front page, detailing your name and ID, the title of your report, the course code and name, and the year the report is published b. An executive summary i. This is a summary of your report, showing the context of the problem you want to address, your objectives, the key questions that you want to answer, your methods of data collection and your overall findings c. An introduction i. Tell the readers why the topic is important ii. Tell the readers what is your main aim/s iii. Give the readers the overview of your findings and conclusion iv. Convince your readers about the urgency of the problem you hope to solve d. Approach and results i. What are your methods? ii. How do you collect the facts? iii. Avoid technicalities and jargons iv. What are your findings? What lessons can be learned? e. Conclusion i. Conclude based on your findings ii. Restate your key findings f. Implications and recommendations i. What are the implications of your findings? – something that might happen ii. What are your recommendations? – what should we do? 5. Provide all the cited references at the end of your report. 6. Writing format: 12 font size, single spacing, Times New Roman

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