EMS leader

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This assignment will challenge you to be a bit creative. This project requires that you create a role-play scenario or skit based on an ethics or hotline complaint specific to the legal requirements for provision of emergency medical services (EMS). In your created scenario, you are an EMS leader, and you must determine the best ways to respond to the complaint based on your personal code of ethics.

Your scenario/skit should address the following areas:

basis of complaint;
questions that you, as an EMS leader, would ask during your investigation of the complaint;
potential complainant responses to your questions; and
your potential responses to the complainant based on your own code of ethics.
You are encouraged to use audio or video for your presentation. The scenario or skit, when read, should be 3 to 5 minutes. If you choose to go the audio route, please click here to view a guide that will help you to create your audio file and add it to a Word document. If you decide to create a video, please click here to view a guide that will help you to create and upload a video to YouTube. In that case, you would simply post the YouTube link into a Word document.

In the same Word document, you will compose a brief essay of at least one page in length, and you will address the questions below.

How has your personal code of ethics affected your response to the complaint, and how has your response affected planning and development of your EMS agency?
How have the deployment and staffing models for your particular EMS organization affected how quickly your agency responds to the emergency call that is discussed in the complaint?
Why it is important that all patient incidents, like the one mentioned in this complaint, are documented completely?
You should have at least one source for your scenario/skit and one for your essay. For example, if you choose to investigate a sexual harassment complaint, you will need a credible reference to assist in guiding you with how this might be addressed.

All sources should be formatted using APA formatting for both in-text and reference citations.

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