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English 102
Bullet in the Brain
Due: 8/2/19
Four (4) Full Pages
100 Points

For our final essay you will display the skills gained and developed throughout the past eight weeks through either the analysis of a short story or poem.  Compose an essay of no less than four (4) full pagesbased on the following prompt:

1.  Read Tobias Wolff’s short story “Bullet in the Brain”

2.  Watch the short film version based on the story ( see attached)

Much of literature deals with death, its impact, our attitude towards it, and our never-ending search for meaning in the lives we are leading right now.  While death is viewed by some as depressing and dark, the culmination of life can and should be much more than an “end.”

Using the skills and direction you have utilized from the textbook this session, write an analysis of both the short story and film version of “Bullet in the Brain” that addresses these questions as they pertain to these works.  When crafting your essay, consider the following:

What differences were made in the movie?  How do they impact the work?
What do these works say about memory?  What do you think of the things Anders remembers versus what he does not in the last moments of his life?
Is this is a happy or sad story?  Take time to consider the beginning, middle and end of both works.

Do you like or dislike Anders?  Give support for your answer.  Is he more sympathetic in one of the works, or do you consider him the same in both?
Explain the ending.  Why are the words that Anders recalls so important to him?  What themes are being addressed and explored in these works?

Give your essay an original title
Cite from both the story and film using MLA style
Write this essay in the third person POV


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